Sunday, July 31, 2016

Find what you love and let it kill you!!

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started!!”

This is my most favorite quote, although it has been more than two years since I’ve posted the practice of beginning a blog with a quote persists; old habits die hard don’t they. Plenty of interesting things have happened over the past two years and the urge to write a post on each of them was overpowered by laziness or rather the deficit of time.

Off late I have been associating myself with art a lot (one of the reasons i don’t have time to blog) not that am very new to it but it helps me in so many ways."Art therapy with Madhubani" the workshop gave me the chance to impart my expertise and make people experience the wonders of coloring. Am pretty sure you must have guessed what this post is going to be about, my style of writing has rusted but then we can always bounce back cant we.

The recently published 'Varnikaa' opened up lot of avenues to me. I got to meet lot of different kind of people, not just that random strangers commented on how good the book made them feel and that was the one thing which pushed me into doing something that would make more people experience coloring. Thus the idea of doing the workshop evolved. It wasn’t an easy path, on one side there were all the arrangements to be made and on the other hand there was this humongous pressure to perform well. Lot of homework was to be done, time was running out and i wasn’t entirely sure how it would all end.It was the "i don’t know how I’m going to do it" phase and slowly the D day arrived. The agenda was prepared, what i was going to speak, how i was going to do it but the one thing that didn’t happen was practice. We had received many eager phone calls on the workshop so I had to make sure to live up to their expectations.  The beauty of the entire process was that not only did i impart knowledge but learned a lot.

Being an IT professional most of the people i'm surrounded with are from the IT background (not professionally but personally as well). But this workshop gave me a chance to meet different kinds of people not just from our country but from other countries as well. There was a doctor, graphic artist, people from the business background, designers, students, musicians and of course our very own IT crowd as well. Each of them was associated with art in some way or the other. We see countless people in our walks of life and each one goes through something or the other like work pressure, living in a foreign land with none or very less friends, losing a loved one, trying to live up to other's expectations. What matters is how they overcome it and i'm very glad to be a part of something like that. I could say we got a chance to make a difference by introducing them to a new hobby, in helping them overcome stressful situation. It was indeed a very memorable and educational day.

Sometimes we plan to do a great deal of things but end up not doing it due to the voices that instigate doubts, what if it fails or what if it doesn’t go well. Conservative, pessimistic mindsets that prevent us from doing what we want to do and in the end the idea just remains an idea or an ambition left  unpersued, dreams remain unfulfilled. It is at times like these where we need to suit up and start working towards it instead of worrying on the outcome. When we stop planning, do things out of impulse we achieve things at a greater extent and out of nowhere we receive all the support that we need to fulfill our dream. I could say that I have reached that point in life where i could say with pride that I did it!! At times its the omg how did i do it phase but if I can do it so can you!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Good post and we absolutely loved your workshop! I'm happy that you dared to follow your passion and inspire others to do the same! :)